Third Eye Photographics

Kevin E. Proulx


Kevin Edward Proulx was born in West Hill, Ontario, a suburb of the City of Toronto, Canada, and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1992.

In the past he has held positions with Canadian publishers including Nelson Canada, McClelland & Stewart, and Carswell / Thomson where he was an editor on "Legal Words & Phrases Judicially Defined". Kevin was also employed for nearly a decade with the international consulting firm LORD Cultural Resources Planning & Management Inc.

Kevin aspired to be a professional photographer from an early age, starting out with a borrowed Diana film camera when he was eight years old, getting his own Kodak camera when he was ten, and eventually a Nikon FM when he started high school in 1983. He maintains what he likes to refer to as a "muggle" career in the public sector, but photography is his passion.

Kevin and his wife make their home in Toronto, Canada.

Kevin volunteered as an official photographer for the North Americian Indigenous Games which were held in Toronto in July 2017, and was selected for a feature profile in the University of Toronto at Scarborough's "150 Neighbours" project for Canada's 150th.